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Post  Bella on Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:10 pm

It's always when life is most hard
That it deals it's most interesting cards
How can I like some one but love another
When one person is like a brother
I can't figure out just how I feel
My life is so crazy it makes my head reel
My mom is happy now
Wow holy cow.
Why can't I be like her so happy and free
Or just like my sister whom I never see
Who do I love and who do I like
Love should be easy like riding a bike
Should I tell him and let things change
Should I tell him and risk the shame
I don't want to hurt either friend
I don't want the friendships to come to an end
I worry, for if the secret gets out
Will he scream, will he shout
Will he turn deep red
Will he wish he was dead
If we do hook up, what will people think
The rumor mill would start, boy that could stink
He know I liked him once before
If I say it again will he open the door
I want to know what he would think
But if things were to change, my heart would sink
We happen to live a few hours apart
But that didn't stop him from stealing my heart.
I only see him twice a year
But over the phone he's always near
I've been with someone for over 3 years
How can I leave him and avoid all the tears
The hard truth is I can't
But hurting him makes me feel as big as an ant
How do you tell someone goodbye
When saying it makes you want to die
I don't know what I want to do
My brain my heart I just want to sue
Thinking about it just makes me queasy
Will my life ever be easy
Eternity is how long I could spend
Writing this so here I will end.

Age : 30
Location : Livonia, Michigan

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