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Bella and David

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Bella and David

Post  Bella on Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:02 pm

She walked up to the door. She went to knock, but stopped. “Oh, come on Bella. You came all this way, don’t chicken out now” she whispered. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. She was staring off in space when she heard the door open. Bella took one look and instantly felt fait. There was David standing in the door way. She hadn’t seen him in months and yet he still made her go weak in the knees. “Hey Bella!” he said. “….Hi.” “Come in! It’s great to see you again!” He said as he hugged her hello. “…….Uh-huh” “Bella…! Snap out of it! You’ll blow it if you don’t!” she thought. “You ok Bella?” “Yea, I’m fine, I promise” she said with a smile. She felt happy again. For the first time in months she felt whole. “Ok, let me find my keys and we can go” David said. “Where are we going?” “Well, I thought we could go park and talk like the last time you were here.” “Ouch, like the last time?” she thought. “The last time I was here, I slept with your stupid ass.” David saw the look on her face and quickly back peddled. “Well, park and talk anyway” “Huh? Oh... yea...” “Sorry” he said. “David, don’t be. You can’t control what Lancer did anymore than I could control Sarah afterwards.” “This is true, but I still feel bad.” “Well, I’m glad that you are concerned for my feelings, but let it go. It’s in the past. And check the pants you wore yesterday for your car keys” she said with a smile.

He walked to the bedroom and checked his pants. Sure enough his keys were there. “Show of!” he thought. He walked back into the living room to see Bella smiling, standing at the door ready to go. “Yes I know I’m a show off” she giggled. “Y’know it’s a good thing I’m used to weird stuff” he laughed as they walked out the door. They only drove about half a mile before they were at the park where they talked the last time she came. Bella let out a heavy sigh without thinking. “Bella, are you sure you’re ok?” “Huh?” she said dazed. “Yea. Why?” “You’re just acting a little strange…..distant….. Maybe it was a bad idea for you to come” he said dejectedly.

“David, no, it’s fine, really. It’s just harder to be there than I thought it would be. But I want to be here.” She sighed, “I never fully explained what happened. I’ll tell you if you want to know, but I don’t want to make you feel worse than you already do” she said softly. “Please Bella, I want to know. I want to understand what you went through.”“Ok, if you say so” she sighed. “Well obviously I deleted you from facebook and yahoo messenger. Ha, I’m not even sure it was me. I’m fairly certain it was Sarah. Although she’s not a wolf, she’s my equivalent to your Lancer. She’s my daemon.” She took a breath, steadying herself as she let it sink in. “David, I nearly died. I grew so weak that Sarah took over for a week. If it weren’t for her kicking my ass and forcing me to come back, I might still be ‘in hiding’” she said with tears in her eyes, and her voice breaking. It was difficult to admit to him just how bad he and Lancer had really hurt her. At first all he could do was let out a sigh. “Bella, I’m so sorry. Even Lancer is sorry.”

“I know. But now you know why I’m having a hard time being here, and trusting you. It’s easy for my mind to separate you two. Not so easy for my heart.” “I understand. But I promise that I will do everything I can to prove to you that I have changed. That I won’t do that to you again” They sat and talked for hours. Not about anything heavy or important, just their usual banter about video games, and music, whatever they thought of. But the more they talked, the more she realized David had changed not just from when they were dating but from growing up together too. Bella had called him honey for years and now, suddenly, he didn’t want to be called that. “David, I’m still willing to give us a try, but I’m starting to doubt that we will work anymore.” He was puzzled. He was honestly surprised to hear her say that. “Why Bella, I’m honestly confused. I thought things were going well.

“David, you don’t realize how much you have changed. I used to be able to call you almost anything I wanted. Now I can’t even call you ‘honey’, something I have called you almost our entire lives. I just don’t know that I can be the woman that you need me to be. And I’m not sure I want to be.” She took a ragged breath to try to keep from crying. She was hurt; she had wanted it to work. But she was also hurt because she felt like she was losing her best friend, her brother, as well as a relationship.

She was also upset because she had been feeling alone. Her friends were being irritating. Condemning her for things she was doing, even when they were no better. Some weren’t even returning phone calls, let alone answering her in the first place. Bella had also been missing her beloved grandmother. She always had a way of making Bella feel better. She missed her now more than ever. Then the dam let go. Bella couldn’t fight the tears any longer. David just sighed and hugged her. He wasn’t really sure why she was crying, but he felt responsible. He just looked at her, he couldn’t help but smile. Something about her vulnerability when she was crying was attractive to him, even if he hated seeing her cry. He gently pulled her into a soft passionate kiss. Bella pulled back slightly, startled, but never breaking the kiss. She closed her eyes as a scene flashed before them.

She was driving somewhere; signs indicated that it was to see David. “Mommy” said a little voice from the back seat. It was a beautiful little girl, seven, maybe eight years old. She had David’s dark hair and Bella’s piercing blue eyes. She had Bella’s small nose and high cheek bones, and David’s tan complexion. And just barely visible on her right hand was Bella’s family birth mark, a double crescent moon, the mark of a witch. “Yes Kairi?” “Why don’t you love Daddy anymore” she asked. “Oh honey, I still love David…. I mean ‘Daddy’ very much. We just don’t get along well when we are together for long periods of time” Bella replied. “I’m sorry Mommy.” “Aww, thank you Sweetie.” Bella came back to reality. She was still in the passionate kiss and embrace with David.

Before she knew what was happening they were lying together in the back seat of the car. She wanted to pull away, stop the nonsense. She knew in her heart that this was the moment that would create the daughter from her vision. That wasn’t how she wanted her life to be. But her body betrayed her. Even Sarah, her daemon, seemed to be pushing her towards it. Finally she couldn’t fight her feelings any longer. A couple hours later the couple awoke with a start. At first neither of them had remembered what they had done, and then it clicked. “Oh, jeeze, Bella, I’m so sorry. I really didn’t….” “David, stop. It takes two to tango. I am just as guilty” she sighed. She felt strange, weak. “David I….” She stopped. She couldn’t bring herself to tell him about the vision. She looked at the clock and decided to lie.

“I need to go. It’s nine-thirty. I won’t get home until almost 11” she said. “Bella, please, can’t you just stay? We can talk…” “No,” she interrupted. “I promised mom I’d spend the day with her. Besides, I don’t feel well. I think I’m coming down with something.” David just sighed and nodded. When they got to the house, Bella went straight for the car. “Bella, wait. Can’t I even say goodbye?” “Huh? Oh yea, sorry. Have a lot on my mind right now.” “It’s ok. Just let me know when you get home safe ok?” “I will. I always do. Promise.” “I love you Bella.” “You too,” she whispered. He closed the door and waved goodbye as she pulled away. When she was out of sight she pulled the car over. She quickly broke down in tears. She loved David so much and missed him terribly, to the point it hurt her to think it wouldn’t last. “Bella, it’ll be ok. I can’t tell you what will happen, but I can tell you that you will be ok” a voice said out of nowhere. “Gram?” “Yes doll baby. I can’t stay. I just wanted to tell you that you would be alright.” “Thank you Grammy. I love you!” “I love you too said the voice as it faded away.

Bella sighed. She knew her grandmother was right. Although she didn’t say it in those exact words, Bella couldn’t worry about what might happen. She had to live her life in the present not the future. So she pulled herself together and drove home. Bella reveled in the hour and half of alone time. It really gave her time to clear her head. David had text a couple times but she decided to ignore them until she got home. Just as she had estimated, Bella pulled in the drive right around eleven pm. It was times like this that Bella was glad that she was renting the house from her mother, while she lived with her husband in Canada. She just laughed as she unlocked the door and headed to her room. She felt ridiculous. She had been living in the house by herself for six months now and she still couldn’t move into the master bedroom.

She changed into her pjs, crawled into bed, and called David. “Hey, you finally home?” “Yes, I’m home. I’m talking to you for a little bit then I’m going to bed. I’m really tired” she said with a yawn. “Aww poor ‘Angel’, are you feeling ok? You were looking a little green around the gills when you left” he said, concern in his voice. “Told you I wasn’t feeling well” she giggled, “but we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.” “Why don’t you go to sleep, you need your rest.” “Ok dear, goodnight.” “I love you,” David replied. Bella sighed, she still wasn’t sure she wanted to admit she loved him. “Love you too, goodnight.” “Goodnight” They hung up the phone as Bella slowly drifted off to sleep.

She awoke the next afternoon, groggy, knowing she slept longer than she should have. Bella picked up her phone to check the time, only to see two new text messages, both from David.

10:30 - Having fun with Mom?

12:45- You ok? I haven’t heard from you all day. Call me please.

Bella just smiled It was nice that he was worried about her. She text him back.

-Yes David, I’m fine. Well, sort of. I didn’t go out with mom. I slept all day. I just got up.

Five minutes later David called. “Hi David” Bella laughed. “Bella, what’s the matter” David asked panicked. “Nothing, I’m just really tired” she replied with a laugh. “Maybe you should go to the doctors.” “It is fine, I’m sure it’s just the flu or something. I’ll go if I don’t feel better soon. I promise.” “I’d rather you go sooner, but it’s up to you.” Bella sighed “Well, I’m going to get up and get moving. I have some things I need to do today. I’ll talk to you later ok?” “Alright Angel, I’ll talk to you later. I love you.” Bella smiled. “I love you too Mi Vida.” They hung up the phone and Bella went on with her day. She couldn’t explain it but throughout all her doubts Bella fell deeper in love with David every day. Bella continued to not feel well for the next month. She finally caved and went to the doctors. He only confirmed what she already knew in her heart. She was pregnant. Although she was scared, she was excited. She knew that no matter what happened between her and David, she would always have a piece of him with her. “Well, better call him” she thought. She picked up her cell and dialed David’s number. “Ello Angel.” He was upbeat and in a good mood. That was exactly what Bella needed then. “Hi honey” she replied. “How are you feeling?” “Uh…. Better” “Good. You’ve been sick for a while now.” “Listen, David, what are you doing tomorrow?” “Saturday? Nothing. Just some work around the house. Why?” “That was an odd question, what’s going on with her” he thought. “Are you up for a visit? There’s something I need to talk to you about and I don’t want to do it over the phone. I’d rather tell you in person.” “Angel, you know how I hate surprises. You’ve got me antsy now.” “I’m sure, but the fact that you’re still calling me ‘Angel’ says a lot. Look, I just got home from the doctors. I’m going to take a nap; I’ll call you or text you later.” “Ok” David sighed, “Goodnight Angel. Have a nice nap. I love you.” “I love you too David. Goodnight.”

When she awoke, it was 9 am Saturday morning. “Crud! I was hoping to be there by ten. Hope he’s not mad” she thought. She checked her phone. Two missed calls, two unread texts.

-You still asleep?
-Well, goodnight Angel. I love you.

She text him back. –Yes, slept all night. Be there between 11 and 11:30

She got dressed, grabbed her wallet and keys and was out the door. Bella used the hour and a half drive to try and figure out how exactly she was going to tell David that she was pregnant. Eventually she decided it was best to just say it. When she got to David’s he was sitting in the grass waiting for her. He walked over to her as soon as she had the car in park. “Hey gorgeous.” He said smiling as he opened her car door. “Where did that come from? You haven’t called me that since the last time we tried this back in February” she replied. “Can’t I call my fia- uh girlfriend gorgeous when she is? You’re beautiful Bella. You seem to have a glow around you today.” Bella just gave him a funny look. Suddenly she “knew” he was up to something. “Why do you want my grandmother’s ring” she asked. “You’ll see later tonight, I promise” he laughed. “Should have known I couldn’t get away without her knowing anything. Oh well, at least she doesn’t know what I’m up to” he thought.

“May I have it?” Bella sighed, slid the ring off her right hand and handed it to him. “Loose it or damage it and I will kill you.” “I won’t I promise. Let’s go inside, you said you had something to talk to me about?” “Yea, umm David I…” “Y’know, I’m kinda hot and sweaty, I’m going to change clothes. Sit down and relax and I’ll be back in a few minutes. As soon as he was out of site Bella sighed and flopped on the couch. “How am I going to tell him? I hope to Goddess he’s ok with it” she thought.

David did change his clothes. He wanted something a little nicer for what he was up to. He changed from an average pair of blue jeans and t-shirt to a pair of black jeans and a short sleeve shirt with a collar. He opened the drawer of his night stand and pulled out a ring box. Inside was a beautiful custom diamond engagement ring. Carefully engraved on one side was a wolf kneeling at the feet of a woman. And on the other was an angel. To David it was perfect. He had a wolf inside him. He and his wolf Lancer had great love and respect for Bella. And to David, Bella was an angel. If you asked him, she never should have given him a second chance. She had always been good to him, now he couldn’t imagine his life without her. He took the ring from the box and put it in his pocket. He replaced the silver diamond ring with the 3 stone emerald and 4 accent diamond ring that belonged to her grandmother Mary.

He put the box in his pocket and returned to the living room. Bella was sitting on the couch appearing to be staring off in space. “So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about” David asked. Bella jumped like she had just come out of a trance or something similar. “Talking to Sarah again?” David chuckled. “Yea,” Bella sighed. “David, come sit next to me please.” David complied, slowly walking over. The anticipation of what she was about to tell him and what he was about to do was killing him. She sighed. “Ok, we’re both adults. We know what happened the last time I was here. You know I haven’t felt good since not long after. I think we both can put two and two together. But I went to the doctors just to be sure.” She sighed and took a deep breath. “David, I’m pregnant. I know we never talked about this so if it changes things I understand.” Bella began to cry. She was scared she was going to lose him. “Bella, it’s ok. I knew this was coming” David said. “What? How? There’s no way.”

“Bella, I saw your vision. I don’t completely understand it but I think we have Sara and Lancer to thank. I have something to talk to you about as well.” “Oh, David, what are you up to” she asked slowly drying her tears. David stood up reached in his pocket for the box and got down on one knee. “Oh my goddess, David!” David smiled “Bella will you marry me?” “Oh, David. You don’t have to do ‘the right thing.’” “Bella, I’m not doing ‘the right thing’. I love you. I’ve never been happier in my life than I have been in the past month even with the distance between us. I want our daughter to have both her parents in her life at the same time. I don’t want you to have to drive her up here and me driving her home. I can’t imagine my life without you. Will you marry me?” Bella just smiled. She could hardly believe what she was hearing. “Yes” she whispered. David smiled and slid the ring on her finger. “Oh, David. Gram’s ring!” “I thought it would mean more to propose to you with it.” Bella was in too much shock to realize what David was saying. The look on her face and saying yes was all David needed, for now.

“So, who do you want to call first” David asked with a chuckle. “Actually, I just want to keep it quiet for a while if that’s ok. It’s not that I’m not happy, it’s just a lot to take in right now and I’m not sure I can handle ’20 questions’ right now” Bella said with a yawn. “Ok, Love. We won’t tell anyone until you’re ready.” Bella smiled, happy to not have to tell anyone yet. ”Gives me time to work on a ‘plan B’ for the diamond ring” he thought. Bella just smiled. She curled up and laid her head on the back of the couch. “Bella, are you feeling ok? You look a little green around the gills” David asked “Huh, I feel alright, just tired, like I could sleep for a week” she chuckled. “Well, maybe you should go lay down for a while. You know my bed is comfortable.” Bella smiled as she recalled memories of the happier times when they tried a relationship before. She was about to protest, to say she didn’t need to lay down when she saw the look on David’s face. The look of ‘you’re not going to win.’ “Fine,” she sighed “but only on one condition.”

“And what is that exactly?” “You have to come lay down with me” she said smiling. David just laughed. “Alright, I can do that.” They walked in to the bedroom and laid down. They joked and talked until Bella finally fell asleep. When he was sure she was sleeping soundly David slid her grandmother’s ring off her left hand and out it on her right hand. He pulled the diamond ring out of his pocket and slipped it on her left hand. She stirred a little, rolled over, and went back to sleep for another hour. When she woke up, she saw that David wasn’t there. She sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She was just about to look for him when he appeared in the doorway.

“Well, looks like the sleeping angel finally woke up.” David smiled, waiting for her to notice the ring. “Yes, I’m up, and I am no angel.” “Whatever you say, Love. I made dinner. Nothing fancy, just some burgers on the grill.” “I can smell.” Bella said as she sniffed the air. “It smells delicious.” “Well, it’s on the table” he said with a smile. She followed him into the dining room and sat down to eat. Bella no more than started to fix her plate when the glint of the diamond ring caught her eye. She stopped what she was doing and stared for a moment. David sat there laughing. “David, what on Earth….How did you…..” she faltered. “Well…. I had some money saved up for a rainy day, and I saved all I could in the past month” he admitted sheepishly. “Do you like it?” “David, are you kidding me? It’s gorgeous, I love it” she exclaimed. “I’m glad you like it. Now let’s eat before it gets cold!”

They talked through dinner about the things that needed to be done. When was Bella moving in, when should they start shopping for the baby, ect. “David, I’ve been thinking. Would you mind if we called my mom and told her in a little while? I don’t want to go home and her see the ring and ask a million questions.” “Not at all Bella, you’re mom should know. I was hoping you’d want to call her soon.”

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