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Post  Bella on Fri Nov 02, 2012 3:44 pm

I’m done with you
Done with all you put me through
You belittle me and degrade
Acting like you’re in a damn parade
I love you and need your support
So why do you treat me like a wart?
You make me feel like I can’t do
Any damn thing good enough for you
You’re mean and nasty and fake
Yet you like to act as sweet as cake.
You say you support and love me.
So why do you act like you’re above me?
You act like you’re above everyone
Truth is: You’re better than NO ONE!
You verbally poke and jab and make me cry
You’ll stay that way until you die
I have walked away before but always came back
But this is shit I just can’t hack.
Maybe one day you’ll realize.
Families come in all shapes and size
You’ll understand one day
When I walk and then stay away.

Age : 30
Location : Livonia, Michigan

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