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Untitled by Bella & Raven

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Untitled by Bella & Raven

Post  Bella on Sat Apr 18, 2015 2:00 pm

Time: Evening Almost dark
Season: Mid fall
When: Present
Where: Small City
Planet: Earth
Genre: Fantasy Sci-Fi

It was evening, almost night, in this small city by the bay. The dead leaves rustled in the light wind, the only sound for now. There are things that go bump in the night. Dangerous things. There are hunters that keep you safe from those things that go bump in the night, for a price.

She was hiding in the shadow, about to make her move when someone stepped in her way. "Oh!! It's that girl again! Damn her. She keeps getting in my way. What does she want?" Bella thought.

"That bounty has to be around somewhere. I can smell him..." (But I can also smell that pesky girl.) Raven sighs. "Come out and play demon! Unless you’re afraid of a little girl!" The demon walks out from behind the dumpster holding a bloody arm between its teeth.

(Stupid girl.) She thought. "What are you doing? Are you insane? Are you trying to get yourself killed?! And how do you know about demons anyway?" Bella shouted as she emerged from the shadows.

Raven turns slightly to look at the girl. "Stay out of this girl... He's my bounty. I've been tracking him for days." She turns back to the demon and runs at him daggers out. "You won't get away this time!" Raven stabs it in the left shoulder and in the right eye with the daggers. The demon takes a swipe at her and leaves a gash in her right side.

"Your bounty?" Bella said. "What do you mean your bounty? And I swear you are trying to get yourself killed girl" She jumped and summer saluted backwards narrowly escaping a nasty claw. When her feet hit the ground she stabilized herself and hurled an exploding fire ball at the demon wounding him and causing him to flee. "You ok?" Bella asked.

"Damn it! Not again!" Raven starts running after the demon. She got to the end of the alley and looked around she couldn't even pick up the scent of its blood. She balled up her fist and punched the brick wall beside her leaving a fist sized hole and rubble behind when she removed her hand. "You... You made him run! Now I have to track him down all over again!" (Tonight is not my night.) Her amethyst eyes beginning to turn crimson. “Shit. On top of that if I don’t feed soon I’ll lose control…” She mutters out loud to her self.

(Ha, her track him down? What about me? He's my bounty!) She sighed. "What are you anyway? Guess it doesn't matter. Look let's get you... umm... 'fed'.. and let me take a look at your wound. Then we can figure out this damn mess together since we are obviously going after the same damn bounty."

She lets Bella look at her wound but it had already been healed enough to stop bleeding and was a shallow scratch. “So you were hired to kill him too, huh? I guess we can work together.” Raven looks over at Bella. “We split the bounty evenly though.” Her eyes were turning more and more crimson by the minute. “I have about five more minutes before I lose control. I have to find something to feed off of or I won’t be myself until the hunger is sedated.”

"Fine...." Bella grumbled. She wasn't happy about this at all but she needed the money. And after seeing the demons strength she wasn't sure she could take him alone. "I'm Bella, by the way. And you are?" she asked as pleasantly and sincerely as she could manage.

"Raven..." She wasn't happy about this either but even though she hated to admit it to herself, she needed help with this demon.

"So, where do we go from here?" Bella asked. She had a couple ideas but she wasn't ready to share them with "Miss Attitude" as she liked to think of Raven. She knew they needed to work together. She just wasn't confident about the ideas. "Any thoughts?"

(Gah! Three minutes left.) Raven looks around and sees a stray dog. (That will have to do.) She dashes after it. Two minutes later she was back at the end of the alley her eyes their normal color. "First things first; We have to find it again."

"Well I knew that much, Smartass! But I have no idea where it could've run to. Just how do you propose we find it?"

"It was bleeding right? I can find it." She sniffs the air to find the scent of demon blood. "This way!" Raven heads to the west, climbing up a fire escape to the roof where it was easier to run.

(Damn she's fast!) Bella shook her head and took off running after Raven. "Crap! Raven! I can't jump the roofs." She shouted.

She stops running to look at Bella. "This is the fastest way." She sighs. "Get on my back I'll carry you there. Unless you can teleport us or something? Our bounty is a mile west."

Bella sighed. "I hate traveling this way... it's so.... Cliché." She closed her eyes and concentrated, saying a spell in her head. Suddenly a broom appeared in front of her. "She grabbed it, jumped on, and rose to Ravens level. ”Happy now?" she asked

Raven looked a little nervous. "Ya." She answered. (As long as I don't have to ride on it. I hate flying.) "So you’re a witch huh? Never met one before."

Bella chuckled. She was beginning to hear raven's thoughts, and they were amusing. "Yea, I'm a witch? And what's your story? I've never met someone like you either. And no fraidy cat, you don't have to ride this thing. You want that about as much as I wanted to ride you your back" she chuckled.

Raven adverted her eyes slightly. "I'm a..... half-breed...part human....part vampire." She said embarrassed. (I can't believe I just told her what I was! When the village I was born in found out what I was I was exiled and hunted. Hope the same doesn't happen with her.)

"Heh, a half breed huh? Glad to know I'm not the only freak around town. I'm just grateful that this part of town and where I live are fairly deserted of humans. Don't have to hide as much." She sighed "Well, let's go catch this moron."

Raven just smiled. (Huh, I kinda like her. Where could that stupid demon have gone?) She sniffed the air, finally she caught a trace of his scent. (Ahhh there you are.) Bella just laughed. "Thanks Raven, I kinda like you too" she said as she began to take off after the demon. Raven sat there stunned. "What? How long does it take you to figure out a girl can read minds?" Bella laughed. As she took off running again Raven said, "Sorry about being so rude earlier."

"Heh, so you're a stubborn, stuck up, prideful bitch when you don't know someone. I can live with that." Bella winked.

Raven looked embarrassed. "Like I said sorry about that. Was hungry and in a very bad mood when we met."

"Raven, its fine. I'm not much better depending on the vibe I get even though they can always be wrong." They were on the outskirt of town near the cliffs and the ocean. "Hey, isn't that stupid head down there?"

Looks where Bella pointed. "I do believe it is. So how should we do this? I have strength and speed and from what I see you have magic."

"Oh gee thanks, I'm not that weak and slow." she said sarcastically. Bella really wasn't but compared to Raven, well, she had a point. "Well, my fire ball didn't really hurt him, I'd have to get a little closer but I MIGHT be able to sense his weakness,"

"How close do you need to be? I think I can hold him for a little bit." She watched the demon below them. It seemed a bit confused.

Bella sighed. "Well, that's kinda the problem..." she hesitated, she knew how ridiculous it sounded.”It's a new power and a little unreliable, it varies from "creature" to "creature" but I don't think I need to get too close. Best I can say is... let me lead and have my back. If we can't make it work, we'll retreat and come up with plan B."

"Sounds good to me." Raven paused for a second before turning to look at Bella. "I want to see if you can do something after this fight is over, I'll ask you once we win." Raven turns back to the demon ready to attack it. "I'm ready when you are.”

Bella took a deep breath mustering all the courage she had. She hated making moves when she didn't know how it would work. She flew in to a mere 20 ft from him. The feeling was faint but it was strong enough to tell her what she needed to know. "Raven, I got what I need, now lets make a plan" She shouted than laughed. Raven looked disappointed... she didn’t have to do anything.

The demon noticed Bella. "Look out behind you!" Raven dove off the roof with her daggers out landing on the demon that was about to attack Bella. She buried one dagger in its back before getting thrown off. (You can read my mind right?) She asked throwing a quick look over at Bella. (If you can project your thoughts. We can come up with a plan on the fly, I don't think we have the time now.)

Bella sighed. She could project, but it took more energy and concentration than listening. (I know why it tried to run from us before. It was already weak and your attacks almost had it finished. I healed it with my damn fire ball, because I didn't try and sense it's weakness, I just reacted. It ran to hide and try to heal. See how you're already close to the edge of the cliff? If we can figure out a way to push him in the water he's gone. It weakens him like crazy and he can't swim. If it doesn't kill him from an element stand point... he'll drown. Back off and come here. I need to conserve energy for my plan to work.) Raven nods as she dodges another blow and back-flips towards Bella. Striking the demon with a kick as she does. Bella projects the plan into Ravens head with a single thought. Ravens nods, smiles and the girls get to work.

Bella screams in anger and frustration as she flies to the ground dismounting her broom. "Raven just get out of my way! You are doing nothing but slowing me down!" "I would have had him earlier if it wasn't for you miss high and mighty witch" Raven screams. "That's it! I'm done with this! Go back to hell you damn vampire!" Bella pushes Raven back with her Telekinesis.

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