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Why (did you have to go)

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Why (did you have to go)

Post  Bella on Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:51 pm

Why did you have to go
Why didn't time go by slow
You must think I hate you, no
But why I don't know
Why did you have to go
Go and hurt me so
Why did all this have to happen
When all we could be doing is laughin'
Why do I still care
When this is all so hard to bare
Why do I have to miss you
I'd rather just kiss you
Why did you have to lie
Why did you make me cry
We could be off having fun
But instead we could be done
We could be watching movies
Skipping out on all our duties
We could be hanging out with friends
But does it really matter in the end
Why is this all still in my head
Because I'd rather be dead
Is this good-bye
Oh why do I cry
Is this the end
Or will I still have a friend
I guess it will all come out in the end

Age : 30
Location : Livonia, Michigan

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