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Lost by Raven

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Lost by Raven

Post  Raven Mogoki on Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:06 am

Today I am lost in a world that isn’t reality or my own dreams. I feel as if I’m looking trough someone else’s eyes, but I know they are my own. My mind is trapped in a cage of time where deadlines are fast approaching. This cage is locked up tight with a lock of doubt and worry. What am I going to do to free my mind from the cage? I’ll take a few steps back and breathe a few deep breaths. Though I don’t think I can with all this imaginary presser, but I shall try anyway and see what happens. I’ll see if my mind can be freed or if my dreams will be crushed in their early stages.

I have taken my few steps back and my few deep breaths, but I am still at a loss. My mind is slowly losing hope as the cage of time is closing in and where the deadlines are moving closer by the second. The lock of doubt and worry that was put on the cage seems to be growing lager each time I see it. My dreams of fragile glass are slowly falling to the floor with nothing to stop them from shattering. “Who will stop all this,” you ask. The only hope to bring all this to order is a puppet with soulless eye’s sitting in a dark corner. The eye’s I feel I’m looking through.

My dreams of fragile glass seem to be falling in slow motion now. While the puppets dark corner is growing brighter. I will the puppet to move out of the dark just to find that I am the puppeteer controlling this little play. The puppet moves toward my falling dreams, but does not catch them in time. From my place above the stage I saw something I was not expecting. My dreams did not shatter because instead of glass they were made from rubber. The cage of time is where I next observed and again I was amazed for my mind was no longer there. It had escaped on its own and returned to the land of reality and my dreams.

~Raven Mogoki~

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